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Rich Dad Poor Dad / Robert Kiyosaki

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Robert's dad = Poor dad

Mike's dad = Rich dad


TF Question 1(10:52)

*Robert Kiyosaki has two fathers because his mother got married twice.

*Rich dad was not rich at first.

*Rich dad thinks the love of money is the root of all evil.

*Having two dads gave him difficult time but looking back it was much more valuable.

*American children learn about money literacy and financial skills at school.

*Graduating from good school and having a safe job leads to rich people.

*Asking the question "how can I afford it", your brain is put to work.

*Robert recommend the readers to go to gym on a regular basis.

*Rich dad advised Robert, "Study hard then you can have a good company to work. "

*Rich dad said "Learn to manage risk and house itself is a liability.

*Rich dad refer to himself as a rich man even if he was flat broke.

*Poor dad earned little money.

*Robert decided to listen to rich dad at the age of 9.

* To be rich, it matters to learn how to have money work.

*Many people are working for money.


TF Question 2(10:52~20:40)


*Robert was a poor kid.

*Robert went to school for the rich.

*Mike went to the same school for the rich by a twist of fate.

*Robert and Mike started to ask neighbors if they'd save a tooth paste to make money.

*Robert and Mike made a nickel out of lead, which was originally the material for the tooth paste's tubes.

*Poor dad got mad when he knew what two kids were doing. Because it's a counterfeit.

*Their business was over on opening day.

*"Many people are talking and dreaming to be rich. But they didn't do anything" said the poor dad.

*The poor dad suspects the Mike's father will be rich in a few years.

*The rich dad worked so efficiently that he didn't have to work for long hours but make a lot of money.

*The rich dad's house was brand-new, big and tidy when Robert was 9.

*The rich dad had a funny look when Mike asked him to teach how to be rich. Then he made him an offer.


TF Question 3(30:36 - 41:10)

*Mike and Robert were the first guys to ask Rich Dad to teach how to make money.

*The best way to be rich is to work hard for money

*When you can't make money, you yourself are the problem, Rich Dad said.

*There's another way to be rich by not only waiting for a pay raise.

*Rich Dad thinks it's irrational for Robert got angry just working for 10 cents an hour.

*Poor dad's income itself is actually relatively high.

*Rich Dad tried to teach Robert how it feels like just working for money.

*Rich Dad earn more than Poor Dad but pay taxes less than Poor Dad.

*The study of money will be learned for four years in college.

*Finally Rich Dad accepted the offer for pay raise.


TF Question 4 (41:20-

*Mike and Robert work for 3 hours every Saturday for nothing.

*Rich Dad doesn't like Mrs. Martin.

*Most people work because of fear of being without money. After they get paycheck, then it is greed to motivate them to work harder.

*The first step to get out of the rat race, tell the truth. Not react but think by head.

*People have desire and believe more money can realize that. It is true, Rich Dad thinks.

*Rich people work hard because of fear of losing money that they amassed.

*Rich Dad wants to teach the boys to master the power of money, not to be a slave to money.

*If you don't learn to handle the fear and the desire, you'll only end up in a high paid slave.

*It's a good way to delay your reaction and think instead when you're offered a pay raised.

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