A nice day by the river and cherry blossom trees!
Tokyo, Japan-December 9, 2015.

Good evening!

I hope everyone's doing well, despite the cold weather!


Today's Quote:

"Time passes irrevocably."


Oh, what a painful, yet beautiful quote. This could be interpreted in many ways, but based on how I understand it, we have to make every second of our lives meaningful and special because you can't bring it back, no matter what you do.


Today's Grammatical Point:


This is a Latin abbreviation that stands for "exempli gratia". It is used to introduce examples for what preceded it. A good way to remember it would be "example" --> "eg-sample". Here are some examples:

  • After work, I'll have dinner at a fast food restaurant, e.g., McDonald's or Burger King.
  • If our company suffers a loss in sales for an unprecedented reason, e.g., natural disasters or a crash in the stock market, then we would have to urgently discuss what to do next.


Today's Column:

For today, I strolled around Shinjuku Gyoen. I was surprised to see that they now have automated machines to take cash and give out tickets. The weather was nice, and some cherry blossom and plum trees have started blooming! If ever you have time over the weekend, please visit it! The link below would provide more information, so check it out, too!


Stay safe and happy!


パン屋の英会話教室 秋葉原本校

パン屋の英会話教室 大手に囲まれ8年目!