Have some small talk with your partner

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3、質問(特に Open-ended question)

Let's talk about assignment

1、The book and movie that you chose for extensive reading

2、How was it?

News : TODAY

1、What Putin claimed to start the war and justify it?

2、Has the war gone as Putin originally planed?

3、Sum up the story (Take notes)


*Indicate number


*Phrase to conclusion


4, What do you think about the news?

The secrets of learning languages

1、What are 4 principles to learn languages?

2、What are the methods she speaks about in this presentation?

3、Sum up the story (Take notes)

4、How do you feel about her story? How could you possibly apply her method into your learning languages?

Grit : The power of Grit

1、Why did she quit her teaching to become a psychologist?

2、What characteristic emerged through her study?

3、What is Grit?

4、How can we build grit?

5、Sum up the story (Take notes)

6、How do you feel about her presentation?

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