Handshake? No!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Stay safe and warm! It's both flu and hay fever season, so be extra careful!



Today's Quote:

"No one can figure out your worth but you."

ーPearl Bailey

When we learn how to be confident and comfortable with ourselves, that's when we can evaluate without biases how much our worth is. You might be thinking how can one be confident and comfortable with oneself? Well, that's a long road of introspection and reflection. I think one good thing to keep in mind is that everyone's going through what we're going through, so the best thing to do is be kind to one another!



Today's Grammatical Point:

"I'm good" vs. "I'm well"


Some people would say that answering the question "How are you?" with "I'm good" is wrong, but actually, they're wrong! It's perfectly fine nowadays to answer that question with "I'm good". However, remember that they both mean differently. "I'm good" refers to your general disposition, or in simple terms, your overall mood/condition, whereas "I'm well" refers to your physical health. I hope this helps!



Today's Column:

It's interesting how times are changing and with it, culture changes as well. Take a look at this article about how different cultures around the world due to the recent virus. It has people to change their ways and prevent the contraction and spread of the aforementioned virus.




Stay safe and happy!


パン屋の英会話教室 秋葉原本校

パン屋の英会話教室 大手に囲まれ8年目!



  • 1、もしも自分がもう一度英会話をゼロから始めるなら 〜やらないこと〜
  • 2、何で英語やらなきゃ、と思ってるのに放置になるのか?
  • 3、ゼロの初心者は結局何から始めたら良いのか?
  • 4、音読をしているのに伸びない? 〜Assimilationが出来ていないと上達しない〜
  • 5、完コピ、ムラがない人が伸びる人。迷うのが一番結果が出ません!
  • If it will rain tomorrow 未来のことだからwillにしたのに、なんでダメなのか?
10年間も受験英語教えていたのに話せない! という経験をニューヨークでしてから、もう一度1から今度は「本当に現地で使える英会話」 を学習し直...
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