Happy? Optimistic? Hopeful?

Good day!

There's one thing I'm excited about and that's the new どうぶつの森 (or Animal Crossing) game on the Switch! How about you? What are you excited about in the coming days?



Today's Quote:

"Try to keep your soul young and quivering up to old age."

ーGeorge Sand


= To clarify, "quivering" means "shaking rapidly". Imagine you're stuck in a really cold place and you're only wearing one layer of clothes. Naturally, you would shake violently, or in other words, quiver. Now, going back to the quote, the author wanted to say that by age, it's natural for us to grow old. However, you have to keep your heart and soul young, which means that no matter how old you are, you have to be curious, interested, and passionate at all times. Grow old, but stay young at heart and mind!



Today's Grammatical Point:

"Feelings Chart"

Before we proceed, I would like for you to check out this link:




Now, I think this is a very insightful way to expand your vocabulary. Whenever you're writing something and you can' quite point out what you mean, consult this wheel and get into more detail! And as you practice more and more, you would use the words on that wheel without even looking at it!

For example:

   I'm happy/optimistic/hopeful that it would be sunny tomorrow, so we can enjoy the cherry blossoms at the park.


As you may have noticed, the meaning changes as you get more specific with what adjective/"feeling" word you want to use. I hope this helps!



Today's Column:

In connection with what's on "Today's Grammatical Point", here is a video about habits:




It explains why new habits are a bit harder to maintain than to give up. In the video, she explains why it's hard to keep new ones, gives some tips on how to keep them, and provides examples towards the end. I think the highlight of the video is that it takes a lot of self-awareness and effort.


Remember to take care of yourself!


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