Good day, everyone!

Valentine’s Day is one day away. Have you made your plans already?


- 初めに -

Today’s Quote:

“It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit.”

- Antoine Rivarol


= When we begin to want something and try to go for it, we are always faced with the unknown. We don’t know what result our efforts will bear and whether it will be in our favor or not. However, according to Rivarol, it is this mysterious factor that motivates us more to move forward and find out ourselves what will happen afterward.


- 続いて -

Today’s Grammatical Point:

Better than I vs. Better than me


You wouldn’t believe it, but both sentences are actually correct. “Better than I” is used for formal situations, such as business conferences and first meetings, whereas “Better than me” would be for casual situations, like when you’re with your friends or family. So, let’s be careful with what to use between those two!


- 最後に -

Today’s Column:

Something to do for the weekend in case you have no plans yet would be to watch the film “Parasite”! It garnered three awards at The Academy Awards and I personally think they deserve it!'s-boundary-pushing-satirist


Have a great weekend!




パン屋の英会話教室 秋葉原本校

パン屋の英会話教室 大手に囲まれ8年目!



  • 1、もしも自分がもう一度英会話をゼロから始めるなら 〜やらないこと〜
  • 2、何で英語やらなきゃ、と思ってるのに放置になるのか?
  • 3、ゼロの初心者は結局何から始めたら良いのか?
  • 4、音読をしているのに伸びない? 〜Assimilationが出来ていないと上達しない〜
  • 5、完コピ、ムラがない人が伸びる人。迷うのが一番結果が出ません!
  • If it will rain tomorrow 未来のことだからwillにしたのに、なんでダメなのか?
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