Smokey who?

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- 初めに -

Today's Quote:

"What we really are matters more than what other people think of us."
- Jawaharlal Nehru

= More often than not, we always put into consideration what other people think of us. Although this is good sometimes to bar your decisions due to others' opinions, it's still important to simply be yourself. As long as you're not harming anyone and it's only self-expression, then that should be fine.

- 続いて -

Today's Grammatical Point:

Smokey vs. Smoky

Smoky is an adjective used to describe something that smells burnt or like smoke. 

(The house smelled smoky, so we had to find where it's coming from before going to bed.)

Or it could also be used as a flavor profile for food.

(Why does this fried chicken have a smoky taste? It shouldn't taste like that, right?)

On the other hand, Smokey is a proper noun, and is the name of the bear on the picture of this article! 

- 最後に -

Today's Column:

Take a look at this link for an unusual twist on Valentine's Day gifts!

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パン屋の英会話教室 秋葉原本校

パン屋の英会話教室 大手に囲まれ8年目!



  • 1、もしも自分がもう一度英会話をゼロから始めるなら 〜やらないこと〜
  • 2、何で英語やらなきゃ、と思ってるのに放置になるのか?
  • 3、ゼロの初心者は結局何から始めたら良いのか?
  • 4、音読をしているのに伸びない? 〜Assimilationが出来ていないと上達しない〜
  • 5、完コピ、ムラがない人が伸びる人。迷うのが一番結果が出ません!
  • If it will rain tomorrow 未来のことだからwillにしたのに、なんでダメなのか?
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